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Hi and welcome to Unsworth Driving School. I provide driving lessons and road safety tuition in Bury and the surrounding areas. I help learner drivers to prepare for their driving test and I have a very high driving test pass rate. I also offer driving instructor training too

I have a huge amount of experience teaching people to drive in and I am a Grade A Instructor which is the highest possible grade you can get for Driving Instructors. I also hold a Diploma in Driving Instruction (DipDi) so you can be assured in the knowledge that you will be in safe hands.

I have a passion for teaching people to drive and a desire to pass on my knowledge to teach you a life skill. I have also undertaken extensive training to train prospective Instructors to teach driving so the tuition you will receive will be of a very high standard.

The car you will be learning to drive in is the fantastic Nissan Duke and existing pupils coupled with past pupils love it and find it very easy to drive. To book your first driving lesson, or just to simply make an enquiry about driving lessons, call 0796 024 5158. Or alternatively, use the contact form on this website and leave your contact number and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
I can guarantee you a professional service!

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Driving Lessons in Bury

Learn to drive with Unsworth Driving School and get your driving lessons started with the minimum amount of fuss or hassle.

Driving lessons

When learning to drive, you cannot beat practicing on different types of roads. Your lessons are designed to ensure you become a safe and confident driver and will cover off everything to help you pass your driving test.

Theory training

Before you can take your driving test, you first must pass the theory and hazard perception test. At Unsworth Driving School I will help you with this and advise you on all the best apps to practice with.

Fancy a change

If you gave up on driving because you didn’t get on with your last instructor, or simply because life got in the way, then you’ve probably already got quite a lot of experience and skills under your belt already. Whatever your circumstances are, I'm here to help you build your confidence on the road and pass your test.

Refresher lessons

These lessons will benefit the increasing number of people who have let their driving skills lapse over the years and realise that they would benefit from a bit of extra tuition. At Unsworth Driving School I will offer you refresher lessons that cater to suit your very own specific needs and circumstances.

Unsworth Driving School

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Driving Instructor Training

If you’re looking for a new career as a Driving Instructor, then Unsworth Driving School can get your new career on track. We know how hard it can be to make changes for a new career, that’s why our bespoke training packages are tailored around you. We are experts in the driver training industry and we know that training to become a driving instructor can give you a completely new lifestyle, bring you happiness and give you total job satisfaction. As a training provider, we use the most up-to-date training material and the most up-to-date training methods too. Also, did you know that you can earn a salary while you’re training to become a driving instructor. How good is that?

There are three parts to qualify as a driving instructor, these are known as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Once you’ve passed the Part 2 exam and completed your Part 3 training, you then have a choice to start working on a trainee licence. As mentioned earlier, this has the extra benefit of you being able to earn a salary while you’re preparing for you final exam, the Part 3. This also gives you the benefits of practicing your craft and getting ready for your final exam. You don't need any qualifications to become a driving instructor apart from a driving licence with no more than 6 penalty points and you must have been driving for at least 3 years.

To find out more on how to become a driving instructor, just simply get in touch and ask us for one of our brochures


All lessons can either be booked for one hour, one and a half hour or two hour durations.

Package 2

£285 Block of 10
  • Pre-pay for 10 hours
  • £10 discount with this option
  • Payable in advance or on the day

Package 3

£550 Block of 20
  • Pre-pay for 20 hours
  • £25 discount with this option
  • Payable in advance or on the day

Contact Me

How to get in touch with Unsworth Driving School in Bury

You can reach me here by phone or email, or alternatively, fill out the contact form and I will get in touch with you:

: 0796 024 5158
: martin@unsworthdrivingschool.co.uk

My office opening hours are:
: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM
: Saturday: 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM
: Sunday: 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Unsworth Driving School, Covering Bury Areas

I provide driving lessons and road stafety tuition in many areas. If you not sure whether we cover your area, then simply send us a message to find out.

Show me / Tell me

There are 21 Show Me/Tell Me questions that you will need to know before you go to take your driving test. These are also known as "vehicle safety" questions. The Driving Examiner will ask you 1 tell me question at the start of your test and 1 show me question at some stage during the test whilst driving. You cannot fail your driving test for getting any of the 2 questions wrong, however it will be recorded as a minor driving fault and this will mean that you've already collected a driving fault even before you've left the test centre. Please click on each of the below links to reveal the show me/tell me questions and use this page for revision.

"Tell me" questions

Brakes should not feel spongy or slack. Brakes should be tested as you set off. Vehicle should not pull to one side.
Manufacturer’s guide, use a reliable pressure gauge, check and adjust pressures when tyres are cold, don’t forget spare tyre, remember to refit valve caps.
The head restraint should be adjusted so the rigid part of the head restraint is at least as high as the eye or top of the ears, and as close to the back of the head as is comfortable. Note: Some restraints might not be adjustable.
No cuts and bulges, 1.6mm of tread depth across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tyre, and around the entire outer circumference of the tyre.
Explain you’d operate the switch (turn on ignition if necessary), then walk round vehicle (as this is a ‘tell me’ question, you don’t need to physically check the lights).
Warning light should illuminate if there is a fault with the anti-lock braking system.
Explain you’d operate the switch (turn on ignition if necessary), and then walk round vehicle (as this is a ‘tell me’ question, you don’t need to physically check the lights).
Explain you’d operate the brake pedal, make use of reflections in windows or doors, or ask someone to help.
If the steering becomes heavy, the system may not be working properly. Before starting a journey, 2 simple checks can be made. Gentle pressure on the steering wheel, maintained while the engine is started, should result in a slight but noticeable movement as the system begins to operate. Alternatively turning the steering wheel just after moving off will give an immediate indication that the power assistance is functioning.
Operate switch (turn on dipped headlights and ignition if necessary). Check warning light is on. Explain use.
Operate switch (with ignition or engine on if necessary), check with main beam warning light.
Identify dipstick/oil level indicator, describe check of oil level against the minimum and maximum markers.
Identify high and low level markings on header tank where fitted or radiator filler cap, and describe how to top up to correct level.

"Show me" questions

1.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you wash and clean the rear windscreen?

2.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you wash and clean the front windscreen?

3.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d switch on your dipped headlights?

4.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d set the rear demister?

5.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d operate the horn?

6.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d demist the front windscreen?

7.When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d open and close the side window?